Petits Polyglots
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Our team
Our teachers are all experienced with children and use a variety of materials for the best results.


Sophie started teaching English in France as a teenager, then taught French in secondary schools in East London from 1997 to 2004. She did a GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) with the CILT in 2001-2002, after being a French assistant then instructor in Walham Forest between 1997 and 2001. She has been a French tutor since 2000, teaching children and adults, and trying a variety of methods in the process. She now teaches privately in the City and Kent to children and adults and in a wide range of companies such as banks, newspapers, estate, government, whilst running the agency. She also holds an MA in Bilingual Translation from Westminster University.

Interview by Expat Assure:

Chantal has many years experience teaching children, especially very young children. She also has extensive experience of AS/A2 and GCSE. 

Séverine teaches French GCSE and A level and Spanish GCSE in Dartford. She has a PGCSE and many years' experience teaching in secondary schools and preparing pupils for exams.


Janick teaches in Kent

has a Master Degree in Education, a Diploma in French as a Foreign language and a Linguistics Degree. She teaches adults and children.


Claire S 
teaches Spanish and French. She is French and has lived in Madrid for many years before settling in London. She is also a translator. She teaches Business French and Spanish and prepares adults and teenagers for exams such as GCSE and AS/A2.

Dominique teaches Business and general French to adults and children, GCSE and AS/AS. She is a former therapist and now dancer, her big passion in life.




Pauline teaches French in the North of Italy, Gallarate, Lombardia.






is a native Greek speaker and is also an artist. She paints and plays music. She teaches Greek privately. She is passionate about education, art and languages.



Anita has been teaching for Voulez-vous parler for a few years. She has a PGCSE and teaches GCSE and A level Italian as well as Business Italian. She also speaks French and is one of our most enthusiastic teachers. 

started to teach English and Italian in Italy 7 years ago. She used to teach medical English in hospitals (courses funded by EU) and Italian to foreign adults. In 2008, she moved to the UK where she did a Celta course. She then taught TEFL in summer schools and started to work for Harrow Academy UK where she covered for teachers and held evening classes. In September 2009, she started to teach Italian to groups and individuals. She also a fashion translator.