Would you like your child to speak another language?

Would you like her to master the pronunciation at a young age?

Would you like him to feel confident in his first language lessons at school or after the summer holiday break?

Would you like them to get an A* in FrenchSpanishItalianGreek or Russian GSCE or 'A' level?

Would you like her to speak to the locals on holidays?

This is possible with our teachers,
who have the knowledge and the experience of
​teaching young children as well as teenagers.

With our knowledge of the GCSE and 'A' level exams, we can teach them the best way to prepare and handle the exams. Our teacher will help with your child's writing, listening, reading and speaking skills.

Very often, the grammar taught in schools is minimal; our native teachers will teach the rules of grammar, which are indispensable to good speaking skills. Students who handle grammar score better grades in exams.


  1. A language 'A' level is now needed to apply to some prestigious universities.
  2. Speaking a few languages always looks good on a CV and broadens employment perspectives.
  3. It is easier to learn new sounds for children than it is for adults

For adult tuition please visit our sister site Voulez-vous Parler?

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