Half-term holiday exam preparation for GCSE, AS, A2 and university exams/interviews

Easter holiday intensive revision for 2017 GCSE

Summer holiday catch up to improve problematic areas before it is too late

Day, evening and weekend tuition available.

Maths and music tuition also available, ask us for prices.

£45/hour for 1 to 1 tuition - £430 for 10 hours
£50/hour for 2 to 1 tuition - £470 for 10 hours
£55/hour for 3 to 1 tuition - £530 for 10 hours

For adult tuition please visit our sister site Voulez-vous Parler?

  1. Homework help
  2. Preparation for exams such as GCSE, AS/A2 and university exams.

Our Services

There are various aspects of language tuition for children.

French, Greek, English, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Latin/Classics for children

Petits Polyglots

0794 1839 882

We provide:

  1. Beginners tuition
  2. Toddler sessions, family lessons available (mum and baby)
  3. Discovery of the language sessions
  1. Regular practice, especially speaking and listening, which is not done enough in classrooms.
  2. Native teachers, the best for real accent improvement.
  3. Conversation sessions
  4. Confidence boosting sessions
Intensive tuition
  1. Before a move to another country
  2. Before exams
  3. To catch up during the holidays (now taking bookings for 2017 Half-term, courses available in France, Paris)